Dreamweaver Portraits

One of a kind personalized art featuring you.

Your vibe, my artistry.

A totally unique portrait experience based on imagination and collaboration.

These exclusive and highly personal commissions are accepted on a limited basis, and are typically booked well in advance.

Schedule a consultation today. Tell me your story, share your vision, and let me bring your imagination to life.


From Dragonslayer to Woodsprite, the sky is the limit! I'll guide you every step of the way to bringing your fantasy portrait to life.


Let your personality explode. Your session in the studio is a safe place to express yourself. From costumes and makeup to props and posing, you're in good hands from start to finish.


Like a page out of your favorite storybook, a Dreamweaver Portrait is a reflection of your unique story.

Concept Development

During your consultation, we'll explore the vibe you want to create during your portrait experience. Go wild, the sky is the limit! A Dreamweaver Portrait can be whatever you want.

Inspiration often comes from literature, movies, TV shows, or any adventure you want to live out, in real life or your imagination.

Don't worry if your idea is really loose and not well defined. Just a seed is often all I need to start the creative process! I'll do the hard work to shape the visual story.

The Building Blocks

We will work hand in hand to source everything we need. Many Dreamweaver clients have their own costumes, but it is not required. We can help you find clothing and accessories to rent or buy. Getting your look just right is part of the service we offer!

Each Dreamweaver begins with a studio session to capture the main portrait elements. Lighting, makeup, wardrobe, accessories, and special effects are designed to set the stage perfectly.

Come with a sense of adventure and a willingness to play the part, be it fierce warrior, renaissance beauty, or a whimsical elf. There are no limits beyond your own imagination! This is the time to let loose, have fun, and let your personality take flight.

Bringing the Vision to Life

After your studio session, weaving the story really takes off. This is where the magic happens, as I build the setting of your portrait. I'll incorporate images that support your story, along with supporting elements that truly bring your tale to life.

These are one of a kind pieces of art, each designed from start to finish with the end in mind. No two Dreamweaver Portraits are ever alike.

We use a variety of finishing techniques to form the visual story, each one evolving as part heart of the subject and part heart of the artist.

Are You READY?

I can't wait to create your story!

Schedule a 30 minute consultation to explore the creative process and guarantee your spot in this exclusive offering.

I'll be your expert guide every step of the way.

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